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HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial MD

HydraFacial MD services offered in Cooper City , FL

Hydrafacial MD® can help you get the best skin of your life. At New Reflection Medspa & Wellness Center, Roberto Fernandez-Blay, MD, offers the three-step Hydrafacial MD facial to patients who want to refresh their skin, target specific skin issues, and even fully rejuvenate their appearance. Call the Cooper City, Florida, office or click on the provided online scheduling feature to set up your Hydrafacial MD session now.

What is Hydrafacial MD?

Hydrafacial MD or Hydrafacial is a treatment system that invigorates your skin and enhances skin health using noninvasive approaches. A signature Hydrafacial MD treatment at New Reflection Medspa & Wellness Center focuses mainly on preventing skin issues while enhancing your skin’s natural beauty. It involves three steps:


The first step in a Hydrafacial is a deep skin cleanse to dislodge dead skin cells and soften your skin. 


The extraction process involves painlessly suctioning dirt, excess oil, and debris out of clogged pores. 


The hydration step in a Hydrafacial saturates your skin with deep moisturizers and peptides that help you naturally build more collagen (for skin volume) and elastin (for skin tightness). 

Along with the three standard Hydrafacial steps, you can add customized boosters to address specific skin issues. 

What are the Hydrafacial customization options?

The signature Hydrafacial MD is a 30-minute intro to glowing skin. It’s a quick pick-me-up that you can schedule anytime. But, if you have specific skin concerns, you might opt for an upgraded option, such as:

Deluxe Hydrafacial

A deluxe Hydrafacial includes all the steps in a signature Hydrafacial along with personalized skin boosters. This type of Hydrafacial can target concerns such as fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation, and skin redness. 

A deluxe Hydrafacial also includes relaxing and rejuvenating blue or red light LED. Red light can reduce inflammation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while blue light can fight acne and encourage smooth skin. Deluxe Hydrafacials last 45 minutes.

Platinum Hydrafacial MD

A platinum Hydrafacial MD includes everything in the signature and deluxe Hydrafacials alongside lymph node massage and drainage. That can stimulate healthy lymph fluid movement, improve circulation, detoxify, and encourage skin firming and tightening. 

That approach provides truly comprehensive skin enhancement, so platinum Hydrafacials are the ultimate in relaxation and skin restoration. They take around an hour. 

How many Hydrafacial MD treatments do I need?

New Reflection Medspa & Wellness Center recommends a series of six Hydrafacial MD treatment sessions for optimal skin enhancement. Spacing your first three treatments closely together is a good way to jump-start skin renewal. 

After the initial series of treatments, you can maintain results with one treatment per month.  

Are you ready for a relaxing spa facial that actually revitalizes your skin? Book your Hydrafacial MD treatment by calling New Reflection Medspa & Wellness Center or clicking the online scheduler now.